Sustainable Building

Sustainable Green Building PracticesMcMillan Builders has committed to energy efficient design and building practices. We partner with industry leaders such as Scientific Environmental Design, Inc. (SED) to ensure that our projects are built to the highest standard of sustainability. Our process begins with SED to design a project that not only offers the cleanest and most comfortable indoor environment, but one that saves on energy costs as well.

Because of the attention paid do the detailed design process, we can offer an energy cost guarantee! You’ll know before a brick is laid what your energy cost will be for your new home.

It is important to us to offer sustainable services that are demonstrable and mesurable. Just saying you have a “green house” doesn’t mean you will have the efficiency and savings you deserve. That’s why you’ll be able to measure your HVAC energy costs via WiFi technology.

If your builder can’t offer you an energy cost guarantee, call McMillan Builders today.