Lesley and Rick Leftwich, Davidson, NC

Dan Simeone

I had been thinking about this new house for a long time, and had many ideas about giving it a “historic” look. Michael was enthusiastic from the start about incorporating my ideas, even doing his own research about the style and authentic methods. He was able to draw on his construction expertise to suggest additional ideas, many of which were incorporated into the project. He was very patient with our construction questions, always taking the time to explain process and logistics. Michael’s priority was always to understand and achieve the look and functionality that we wanted.

Michael approached the project in a very hands-on and involved way, always available to us and personally involved at the site. His experience and knowledge of construction best practices gave us the home that we had imagined, built solidly to be comfortable over time. He continues to support the house after the move-in, he is always available if anything comes up. This was truly a customized home-building experience.